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Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
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Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Double Stroller Wagon (Gypsy)

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    Evenflo Pivot
    Xplore All-Terrain
    Double Stroller Wagon


    Adapt to either push as a stroller or pull as a wagon
    All-Terrain wheels allow exploration of multiple terrains
    JPMA Certified

    Meet the new, ultimate ride-share, Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon. This new riding experience provides extended use by accommodating one or two children 6 months up to 5 years.

    The Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain Stroller Wagon easily transforms from a stroller to a wagon by flipping the handle. This allows parents the ability to push as a stroller or pull as a wagon depending on your adventure.

    All-terrain wheels give you the freedom to explore multiple terrains from pavement to beach and beyond, a durable steel frame can withstand whatever adventure you seek. 


    •  Adapt to either push as a stroller or pull as a wagon!
    • Versatile: All-Terrain wheels allow exploration of multiple terrains.
    • Fits two children ages 6 months to 5 years.
    • Each seat holds up to 55 pounds and can accommodate 120 pounds with cargo; toddler seat or car seat with adapter (all sold separately)
    • 3-point harness
    • JPMA Certified
    • UPF 50+ canopies
    •  Spacious storage with a basket that rotates in.
    • Dual snack tray.
    • 3-position telescoping handle.
    • Easy compact fold
    • Collapsible footwell
    • Rugged and durable: All-Terrain Urethane wheels
    • Steel sturdy frame
    • Breathable mesh
    • Dimensions (Overall): 39 inches (H) x 27 inches (W) x 45 inches (D)
    • Dimensions (Collapsed): 37.5 inches (H) x 27.5 inches (W) x 23 inches (D)
    • Suggested Age: 6 Months and Up
    • Weight: 34.7 pounds
    • Front Wheel Diameter: 8 inches
    • Rear Wheel Diameter: 10.5 inches
    • Features: Folds for easy transport and storage, forward or rear facing seat, adjustable handle, Snack Tray
    • Includes: Removable Basket, 2 Removable Cup Holders
    • Max. Stroller Weight Capacity: 110 pounds
    • Awards: 2019 Innovation Award, JPMA
    • Certifications: JPMA Certified
    • Protective Qualities: UV Protection
    • Product Configuration: Double
    • Tire Type: Urethane
    • Material: Plastic, Steel
    • Care & Cleaning: Spot or wipe clean

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Best. Thing. Ever!

    This wagon!! It is seriously the greatest! I was going back and forth between a couple of other brands that were the square style when I stumbled across this one. Oh. My. Gosh. Let me tell you!! I seriously cannot say enough good things about this wagon.

    First: the sun shade. My baby is fair skinned so shade is a must have. I wasn’t super satisfied with the other wagons being canopy style. There’s really only one time of day that the whole wagon is shaded. I worried that because the canopies were not full they wouldn’t provide enough coverage but they are perfect! We have used this thing at all hours of the day with 1 and 2 children in the wagon and we are able to position the shades so the kiddos are always well shaded. I also worried about it getting too hot in our west desert summer but the way the shades are designed you’re able to get maximum airflow while still having shade where you need it. There is also built in mesh panels all over this thing so I don’t need to worry about the kids overheating while we are out hiking. The shades snap on - we have had trouble with one side popping off if we bump it wrong, but it hasn’t been a deal breaker. It just slides back into place. The shade itself is very sturdy and you’re able to position the shade however you need, half open, full open, up down, middle, 3/4. Seriously. It’s amazing.

    The tires: are a kind of rubberized hard plastic. Their size makes it so that this thing can go anywhere!! We never have to worry about a flat tire and it handles so far the concrete, sand, gravel and grass well! The only thing that might make it a bit better is some sort of built in suspension but overall it is a very smooth ride.

    The snack tray: is removable. It sits securely in the middle, I don’t have to worry about the kiddos popping it off but at the same time, when I want to remove it, it comes off easily.

    Leg room: I was worried that this would cause problems if we ever needed to lay our baby down. He’s just 6 months and so on longer rides he may fall asleep. (I do know this is not meant for sleep but sometimes there’s no avoiding it.) When we’ve needed to lay him down we just fold a jacket to create a level area, pop out the snack tray and we have a portable bassinet!

    Storage: this hasn’t really been tested though we do walk to our mailbox daily. The basket seems sturdy and can be used inside and out on either end of the wagon. It’s not terribly huge but everywhere we’ve gone so far most of what we need is in a backpack anyways.

    The handle: is magnificent!! Another brand I looked at had a handle at either end. I hated that the bulky stroller handle hung off the back when you wanted to be in “wagon mode”. The Xplore handle flips from one side to the other so you can push or pull. The handle height is adjustable, I am 5’ and my husband is 6’5” and we are both able to push and pull comfortably. It steers very well without jostling even going through gravel.

    Prior to buying one reviewer mentioned it lacks a 5 point harness. While I admit this would be a nice feature, it’s usefulness would be short lived. We bought the wagon because our stroller reclined too much and our 6 month old wanted to sit fully up - he had been sitting on his own for about a week when we first used this and he’s not had any trouble holding himself up. We obviously aren’t taking him on extreme off road trails but he handles bumps and jostled just fine. In a few months when he’s more stable I probably wouldn’t worry about buckling him in with the 5 point harness.

    The setup was so easy. Took no more than 10 minutes to pull it all out of the box and have it fully functional. There are 2 bolts that connect the handle, and the wheels, canopy and basket all snap into place.

    Folding and unfolding is fairly easy, though not one handed. There is a red/green window showing if it is safely locked open.

    The one side does lower to allow children to climb in and out, we haven’t used it though as our 1 year old niece can easily climb in and out on her own.

    Each side of the wagon has a small mesh storage pocket in the inside and also a bottle pocket on the outside - again we haven’t used these but they would easily fit a water bottle.

    I really can’t say enough good things about this wagon. Considering my baby screamed non stop in his stroller and will sit for hours in this I’d say that’s testimony enough.

    We’ve used it almost daily from walks to hiking to even just as a shaded spot to watch mom and dad while we work in the backyard. Well worth the price!!

    Lavida L.
    Badass wagon!

    Between all my kids and many baby items we went through I am not easy to impress anymore especially if there is a a high price tag on it, please. I get very annoyed with baby items that essentially add a 0 at their price tag just for being labeled baby. When this came up for the review I was happy to get it but I already had my claws out for the price tag.

    Anyways, this wagon is really impressive. It is solid and sturdy built, it is rugged, wheels are B.I.G and it moves effortlessly! I put both my kids in (tot and a baby) and I can operate this wagon with 2 fingers. See the video. You push slightly and let go and it just goes on it’s own. My Britax stroller doesn’t do that. Switching between the wagon mode and the stroller mode is super easy, you just press the button to adjust the handle.
    To clarify, “stroller mode” is when you push it and “wagon mode” is when you pull it. Inside of the wagon is REALLY spacious, kids are facing each other and at the middle they both place their feet at the same designated spot for that. For easy access, one of the sides collapse so the kids can easily walk in and don’t have to jump in. There is removable tray and has cutouts for both kids for snacks and cups. On the side (next to the childs hip) there is pocket to place a bottle and there is the same pocket on the outside of the wagon. There is also a parent basket attached to the wagon and it’s large enough to take my entire purse. It doesn’t have dividers, just one large opening. It is easily removable. Each seat has a 3 point harness which is a major oversight for the small babies. They recommend for kids 6months up, my daughter is going to be 6months next week, she is above 95 percentile, she is THICK and strong and when placed in the seat yes she can sit but she if she moves forward it’s a face plant because her shoulders are not restrained, 3 point harness included is only around the waist. I tuck her in with my breastfeeding pillow to make sure she doesn’t go too forward. First time I placed her in she went and bent all away down and kissed her feet. As I said major oversight if advertised for babies 6months up. 5 point harness would be just perfect. We live by the ocean and took it for a ride, unbelievable how those monster wheels cut through sand. It’s easy to pull wagon while pushing is more difficult but it’s doable.

    Finally, you can COMPLETELY take it apart if need be. How do I know? Well the very FIRST DAY we took it for a spin I asked my husband to place a disposable pee pad under my toddlers seat. He is potty training and we don’t use diapers during the day but I wanted to make sure. Well Mr. Husband didn’t think it’s necessary and sure enough my toddler PEED! He peed on this amazing wagon the first day we got it! Anyways, my husband removed the entire fabric unscrewing all the screws and washed it in the shower. Once it dried he put it back to the frame. Please use pee pads if your child is not fully potty trained 🙈 and husbands please listen to your wives - they know. They just do. See the video I uploaded for the ease of maneuverability. Oh and yes it has double canopy so the each child is protected from the sun, canopy is UPF 50. This wagon is utter and complete badass!

    Merinda L.
    My best baby/kid purchase ever

    let’s cut to the chase - this stroller wagon is amazing! My husband and I are not easily impressed and this is worth every penny so far. I did hours of research before deciding on the Pivot are my pros & cons:

    - love the dual-purpose handle. You can change it back and forth from a push stroller to a pull wagon with ease
    - Storage basket can go inside/outside the wagon.
    - Lots of drink/junk pockets (hello goldfish, sippy cups, and extra pacifiers)
    - The tires are truly all-terrain and beefy! They are made out of a solid rubber of some sort. Moves easily over gravel, dirt, pavement, a hose your husband left out in the walkway for the 100th time.)
    - sun shades on both sides of the wagon are retractable
    - Footwell for the big kids (aka my 6-year-old/55-pound daughter who had to try it out and pretty much pushed her baby sister to the side)
    - The seats have a nice amount of padding for the booty & back. Along with harnesses to keep the little rascals, I mean angels, inside the wagon.
    - Set up was easy per the hubby. From porch to set up in 15 minutes or less.
    - Compliment from hubby “wow this thing has actual ball bearings in the wheels AND lock tight pre-applied!”
    - Does not fold flat/pretty big to store in a trunk. It would take up most of a minivan or car trunk.
    - Wish it came with a flap to connect the 2 sunshades AND mosquito netting option.
    - Let’s face get sleepy. it would be nice if the footwell pulled up and strapped into place to make a flat surface.