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Keenz 7S Stroller Wagons Can be Shipped Internationally!

Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)-Stroller Wagon-Supreme Stroller
Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)

Wonderfold X4 Stroller Wagon (Black)

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    Wonderfold X4
    Stroller Wagon

    Pull/Push handle 
    Detachable seats with 5-point harness
    Easy one-step folding & unfolding stroller wagon


    • Can hold up to 4 passengers
    • Pull/Push handle
    • Easy to fold/unfold
    • 1-step brake system
    • Slidable/Removable canopy
    • Removable seat pads with 5-point harnesses
    • ​Removable fabric for easy cleaning
    • Extra pockets on all sides of the body
    • Adjustable push handle for different heights
    • 6.5” front wheels that come equipped with suspension and bearings installed, 10.5″ rear wheels with 1-step foot brake, and suspension
    • Safety Reflective Strip
    • PU tires with no pumping required
    • Detachable rear basket
    • Comes in black and gray


    • Age Group: 6+ months
    • Wagon Weight: 41 lbs
    • Steel frame with 180 lbs capacity
    • Seat Capacity: 4
    • Rear Basket Weight Capacity: 10 lbs
    • High quality 600D polyester fabric

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 1 review
    Easy To Push, Super Convenient, Comfortable Ride, and Worth Every Penny

    I bought this a month ago because my old extra long red wagon broke (due to having more kids and they gotten bigger). Best purchase ever. It came in within 4 days (Ordered on Sunday and arrived on Thursday) . I have 4 kids under 7 and I take them out to the zoo, mall, outdoor, etc.. almost every weekend. We go to the Houston Zoo every other weekend.

    The Pros:
    The wagon is well designed and has good seat/space efficiency. The seats are attached via big strong clips to the top bar frame. This allows the weights to be distribute evenly. When pushing this wagon with 4 kids for a total of 160lb, it feels pretty easy even going on a ramp or tight turns. It has a very good wide turn radius (Better than my Graco jog stroller and way better than those pull wagons. Lots of time the wagon would almost flip over with the kids inside during tight turns. Totally not safe).

    This thing has tons of storage space. You can store food/water cooler in the attached "trunk" basket, the front has a big pouch for storing clothes/diapers, and space under the seats for storing their toys or another cooler. If you like to bring the whole house and food for 10 days like my wife does for the kids, this wagon is it. It is the "Escalade" of stroller wagon.

    Width and length of this thing is the same size of one of those jogger strollers. You can go with ease through doors, waiting lines for rides/exhibit, tight corners, and crowded gift stores with no problem. I see moms/dads with those double side by side strollers struggle to get through doors and tight fence lines. This thing is also tall enough for the kids to stand/sit and safely see those 4ft tall fish/snake exhibits and fences that they have the zoo. Unlike strollers, the kids also have a 360 degree view of everything around them. Before the kids would either stand up on the old shorter/unsafe/unstable/wobbly red wagon or I would have to pick them up on each exhibit. And I have 4 kids to do this with.

    The wagon also has a curved detachable cover that can be move/shirt from sides to sides. The curved angle cover allows it to block the sun from every angle. If the sun is coming from the right, you slide the fabric cover down to the right. If the sun is coming from the left, you slide down the fabric cover to the left. If it is nice and cloudy or going indoor, you can detach the cover and just hang it on on the push handle.

    The wheels are big and made of soft rubber. This allows for the wagons to be pushed and move easily with heavy weight. The soft rubber allows to for comfortable ride compared to those hard plastic wheels on those standard pull wagon. I took this wagon on the Metro Train/MetroRail during the Houston Rodeo. The wheels went smoothly over the gap between the waiting station and the train without any problems.

    I'm 5'8 and 145lb dad and sometimes go without mom, so I think most moms or dads should be able to handle this thing without any problem. If you are a tiny mom and planing on going by yourself with this thing, I recommend getting help to load and unload from your car.

    The Cons:
    This thing is big and tall when folded. It might not fit all SUV/Minivan. I have a 2014 Toyota Sienna and to fit this and another baby stroller, I had to remove the push handle bar. The handle push bar can be removed easily because it uses 4 big plastic hand screw knobs. The Toyota Sienna has a deep trunk base, so it can fit this standing up.

    Being a dad, the worse part about this thing is every 10 minutes someone would stop me and ask me where I got this thing from and what it is call. During Spring Break, I took this thing to the Houston Rodeo twice, to the zoo, and to Kemah board walk. Every 10mins I had to repeat "I got this thing from Amazon and it is call the Familidoo". Being a big wagon with 4 kids and bright Orange like a school bus didn't really help me stay low key. They have this in gray also, but I chose bright orange so I can easily find it if I park it somewhere.

    The base can get dirt pretty easily due to 4 sets of feet/shoes and Houston humid/wet/damp weather. You might want to get another canvas or small sheet of tarp that is easier to clean/wash with to cover the base.